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Advanced, Hi-Tech Solutions for Granite & Marble Repair

You have just found the premier solution available to repair your granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine or other natural stone countertop, floor or wall tile, tub or shower surround, fireplace mantle, tabletop, column or statue!  No other repair product is easier to use, works faster or creates the nearly the same level of professional quality, invisible and permanent repair of any small chip, nick, pit, non-structural crack or deep scratch.  We also offer you the most economical solution you will find anywhere.

    Granite Damage Before Repair  Granite Damage After Repair

The ProCaliber ProductsTM line offers you the most innovative solution to permanently repair and restore Natural Stones (Granite, Marble and Travertine), Porcelain, China, Acrylic and Fiberglass surfaces.  ProCaliber Products outperform all other available solutions (i.e. epoxies, resins), and virtually all repairs can be completed in less than one hour.

What is the key to the quickest, easiest and highest quality solution to repairing chips, nicks, deep scratches, non-structural fissures in your Granite, Marble, Travertine, Slate or other Natural Stone Countertop, Floor Tile, Shower or Tub Tile?  

  • Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) - Our quickest curing technology uses light to cure/dry your repair in seconds - best used when light is able to penetrate the repair area fully to cure the acrylic

We also provide 2 types of viscosity of our LCA material to enable a complete range of repair capability on level/horizontal surfaces or bull nose edges or vertical tile, column, spa, tub, sink or shower surfaces:

  • Flowable Gel - utilized in our 1-gm syringes with micro tips for the most precise application of acrylic repair material and "flows" into all nooks and crannies - works best in level surfaces, such as countertops and floor tile
  • Paste - Our most versatile material is able to be applied on all surfaces and in both level and non-level areas (edges & vertical surfaces) and larger damaged areas - easier to mold and shape before curing

Our Unique, Permanent, Professional and Easy-to-Use Material will delight you with the Repair Solution you might not have known existed before:

  • Natural Stone Repair - granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate (also great for most engineered stones and hard surfaces) - we use our clear acrylic material for these to provide a virtually invisible repair because the acrylic material allows the natural color patterns of the stone to reflect through - the clear acrylic is great for colored acrylic and fiberglass spas, tubs and showers.  

ProCaliber Products's permanent repair solutions/benefits are unmatched:

  • Breadth of Repairs - virtually all surfaces found in kitchens, bathrooms and flooring can be repaired
  • Professional Results - performs nearly invisible repairs in a single application
  • Minimal Drying Time (Curing) - full curing in minutes, not hours
  • Easy-to-Use - gel and paste material is moldable, sandable, and can be polished to a high gloss if desired
  • Non-Toxicity - suitable for food-prep areas with virtually no VOC's
  • Superior Adhesion & Durability
  • UV Resistance - won't yellow or change color over time
  • Permanency - resistant to water, household cleaners, detergents and acids
  • Cost Effectiveness - lowest cost per professional repair available


Best Sellers
Granite & Marble Chip & Nick Repair Kit - Clear LCAGranite & Marble Chip & Nick Repair Kit - Clear LCAFoam Acrylic Polish BlockFoam Acrylic Polish Block
  • Professional Results - Performs invisible repairs in a single application (5 mm layers)
  • Minimal Drying Time - Complete drying (curing) in seconds or minutes, not hours
  • Simple to Use - Gel material is moldable, sandable and can be polished to high gloss
  • Non-Toxic - Suitable for food prep areas and good for the environment with no VOC's
  • Durable - UV and Waterproof, Resistant to household cleaners, detergents, and chemicals
  • Polishes acrylic surface to high gloss, if desired
  • Remove scratches on repair material
  • Foam core for reduced fatigue
  • 4-sided step-by-step polisher
  • For light scratch removal and polish - for deeper scratches use 54-11-13A Polish Kit
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